Aerospace & Telecommunication Satellites: Litigation and Coverage

The firm was a pioneer in space law.  Some 15 years ago, we assisted in manuscripting one of the earliest satellite launch and in-orbit policies.  Since that time, we have represented scores of satellite insurers.  From coverage work, to claims investigation and negotiation, to litigation, the firm has extensive experience in the satellite business.  We have represented most all of the insurers and reinsurers writing these lines, and know well the principal operators, manufacturers, and launch providers.

The firm regularly serves as counsel to the Claim Coordinating Committees formed by the insurance market to evaluate satellite losses, several of them reaching into the hundreds of millions.  We were among the first to pursue a subrogation action against satellite manufacturers, and were able to obtain a significant settlement. 

We have successfully represented aerospace clients confronting or defending against fuel and propulsion issues, deployment malfunctions, telemetry system anomalies, stabilization system patent licensing, and solar panel deterioration, to name a few. We serve clients responsible for aerospace navigation systems, component parts, and unmanned space vehicle systems.

A number of our attorneys have engineering degrees and professional, technical backgrounds relevant to the issues confronted in aerospace matters, providing an important foundational advantage in these types of matters.