Cyber Risk


Companies large and small are vulnerable to both regulatory intervention and hacking that can interrupt operations and even threaten to cripple your business. In addition to the operational nightmare, loss of reputation and trust can be even more damaging to a company victimized by hacking. To compound matters, the hacked company can be subjected to statutory penalties and civil lawsuits for not having appropriate safeguards in place to protect the sensitive information. Our four-pronged program will help you protect against a breach and recover if you’re attacked:

Cyber Risk Insurance - Our lawyers advise on the most comprehensive and reliable insurance coverage available, with the commitment that we stand ready to litigate on your behalf if needed.

Pre-Breach Counseling - Our experience in cyber security enables our clients to build a “legal firewall” in protecting against potential breaches. Our network of insurance professionals, highly qualified cyber technical consultants, and crisis management advisors, work with you to provide the best protection available, and to put in place a response team and recovery plan before a breach occurs. We offer risk audits to identify areas of strength and weakness; best practice seminars; and legal counsel on-call 24/7. A recent study found that a major breach often results in businesses losing 30% of their clients. And if the first breach is followed by a second, the number can climb to 70%.

Breach Response - We stand ready to counsel clients in high-profile investigations to provide confidence that nothing is overlooked in responding to a breach, giving you protection against liability along with a fast track to restore operations. We advise on compliance with all applicable laws; we oversee restoration activities; we provide a central point to coordinate the work of risk managers, breach consultants, insurers, and brokers; we advise on communication with your customers, the public, and the media.

Litigation Expertise - You can count on our team of tough-minded, seasoned litigators to defend against lawsuits arising from cyber risks and data breaches including: commercial disputes; class action litigation; and regulatory matters. We have represented Fortune 500 companies in complex litigation for decades.