Entertainment and Media


We know the entertainment business inside and out, having successfully negotiated licensing, distribution, personal services, and management deals. Our broad practice base allows us to serve clients in the entertainment, media, and fashion industries. Actors, producers, designers, photographers, journalists, musicians, authors and others in the entertainment and media sector turn to us for legal advice in the course of business and when they need tough negotiators to handle potential disputes.

We have successfully litigated cases pertaining to invasion of privacy, fraud, and breach of contract. We are one of the few law firms to actually litigate matters regarding actors’ rights under the Screen Actors Guild Commercials Contract. We handle matters that relate to misappropriation of one’s likeness, breach of a performance agreement, failure to pay royalties, and copyright infringement, among others.

In addition to litigation, contract drafting, negotiation, and consulting services, we have a wide network of affiliated lawyers to handle other issues facing our clients, such as family law, bankruptcy, trust, tax, estate planning, and criminal matters, to name a few.