Environmental and Toxic Tort

If your business involves hazardous materials or medical waste; if you operate close to wetlands or endangered species; if your company has outstanding toxic material claims; if you’re hit with a class action lawsuit based on alleged exposure to toxic fumes; if your property has underground storage tanks; if you do business on federal lands or Superfund sites -- you need a legal advisor to navigate the morass of federal, state, and local laws and regulations designed to protect the environment and to defend you in the event of litigation.

We are ready to support clients with advice on compliance; permitting; environmental review and disclosure requirements; water supply and quality rules; OSHA and MSHA oversight; highway and aviation safety regulations regarding transport of hazardous materials; coastal zone development; investigations and remediation; along with a host of other matters that emerge in the intersection between government and business relating to the environment.  

We can assist you at every stage of an environmental dispute including: enforcement of consent decrees; civil penalties, compliance orders, natural resource damage assessments and cleanup actions, among others. We will work with you proactively to identify and quantify potential environmental risks associated with your operations. We stand ready to negotiate on your behalf, and our litigators will defend you effectively when disputes end up in court.  

Our attorneys are also experienced in the defense of toxic tort personal injury and wrongful death matters, arising from alleged exposure to asbestos, benzene and beryllium, to name a few.  Asbestos litigation persists, and our attorneys have the knowledge and experience with the extensive court rules and procedures developed specifically by the courts to manage these lawsuits.