The evolution of data management from the file cabinet to the Cloud requires companies to adopt policies for the storage and protection of electronic data. ESI -- Electronically Stored Information -- creates issues companies ignore at their peril. We have attorneys with skill sets suited to the digital world. We are well versed in the strategic, legal, and technical matters essential to protecting clients when challenges arise.

The important first step is to establish a policy for retaining, preserving, and managing electronic data. We advise clients in this process and assist in the development of training programs to assure that employees understand and comply with the policy. We help clients put in place discovery strategies to respond to regulatory agency and government investigations, subpoenas, or litigation. When challenged, we advise clients on all aspects of legal strategy including electronic discovery and preparing employees for depositions. Disputes regarding electronic data discovery in state or federal courts can be extremely costly and sometimes damaging. We have the experience and knowledge to contain these costs and limit business disruption by assuring that your firm is prepared with document retention and destruction policies that we can successfully defend.