International Law


In today’s global economy, most of our clients do business around the world.  Multi-national conglomerates have entrusted us to serve as National Coordinating Counsel in defense of claims and litigation involving domestic and international matters. When clients confront legal issues in other countries we have the expertise along with a global network of local counsel in affected areas to assist with venue-specific issues and to obtain the best results. We have directed the defense of our clients’ interests in litigation and claims arising in North and South America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

We represent multi-national clients wherever they do business on a wide range of issues including:  product liability litigation; environmental incidents; arbitration and other dispute resolution mechanisms; international conventions and foreign law questions; and enforcement actions, both civil and criminal.  Our deep involvement in aviation and aerospace matters has honed our skills in dealing with cross border issues. Providing the highest level of legal services wherever they are needed is part of our “one-stop shop” approach.